The Best Film Recap of the Pipe Masters and World Title Just Dropped, Isabella Nichols Ripping Indo, & Asher Pacey Glides Mex

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was January 24, 2020

1. 2020 CT Rookie Isabella Nichols Ripping in Krui, Indo

Stuff it, I'm putting this freesurfing vid of our 2019 QS Champ and future of surfing right here at number one, because she fricken rips and it's far too rare that we get to see our star competitive women flex out in freesurfing clips. So here is that. Let's go Isabella Nichols! Good luck in 2020!

2. Asher Pacey Surfing Twinnies in Mexico

Keeping it dialed to Aussies who rip that we love, here's the superbank's smoothest surfer of the past ten years (I think?) taking his trademark silk to some other super banks in Mexico.

3. 20 Minutes of on the Ground Footage at the Pipe Masters

Yet another fly on the wall style clip series, this one from Red Bull taking in the Pipe Masters at the end of last year, and it's absolutely the best shit. Red Bull's content team remains undefeated, the jerks. What about Yadin Nicol explaining how Kelly Slater told him he should have dropped in on Mick on day of that infamous 2013 heat – pre-empting Medina's controversial move by six years? Wild stuff.(Also, reminder: the word "sp*stic" is a slur and shouldn't be used in everyday speech any more.)

4. Speaking of Italo

Let's watch him shred to Metallica? Why not?

5. Dylan Graves Surfs a Pretty Sweet Ferry Wave

Episode 3 of the best surf series on the internet at the moment, Weird Waves Season 2 sees our guy head to Portugal and key into a wave generated by a commuter ferry between a town called Barreiro and the capital city of Lisbon. That left at the end is a proper perfect longboard wave, so fun.

6. Yago Dora is Good

Not sure why this ten minute clip of the stylish Brazillian goofy-foot is called B-Side. It's all footage from the second half of 2019, so maybe that's a bit of lost translation, but whatever, this is A-grade surfing right here. Where do you think Yago will finish on the CT in 2020? About 20th, like usual? Probably, hey. That's okay. Not everyone can be a World Champion, sometimes we just need surfers on tour who are fun to watch and do cool stuff.

7. There’s a new Hypto Krypto

When I was compiling my list of the ten biggest things from the last decade in surfing, I sat down to write it up on Christmas arvo. My brother asked what I was doing and I told him, and he said I should include the Hypto Krypto. I didn’t put it in, there was no room, but he was kinda right, right? The Hypto Krypto was the board of the decade, wasn’t it? Like, if in ten years we were to go ahead and make a movie that was set in 2014 in an Australian surf town, you'd definitely have a surfer walk past carrying a Hypto Krypto. The things were everywhere. Anyway, this week HaydenShapes have released a step-up of said board model. And this is that:

8. Rip Curl Girls Take Hawaii

Props to the Rip Curl team for making a clip that doesn’t feel like a rehash of every other clip getting around at the moment. That’s something that's actually pretty hard to do. Ep 1 of this fresh series introduces us to the young Rip Curl girls team of Molly Picklum, Leah Thompson, Alyssa Spencer, Leilani McGonagle Brisa Hennessy, Melania Suarez, and Ewelei’ula Wong – anchored by Bam and Rosie Hodge. And they get some pretty pumping waves, nothing to sniff at that’s for sure.

9. Meet Connor Lee

O'Neills' epic little series showcasing young core surfers doing good stuff brings us Connor Lee, a third generation surfer from Redhead NSW with talent to burn running through his veins. A tight edit from young filmmaker Billy Lee-Pope too.

10. Albee's Jaws Highs and Lows

Albee Layer puts together a highlight and lowlight reel from over half a decade of surfing Jaws. Every now and then you get a clip like this that illuminates the importance of the use of sound in surf filmmaking – it's one of the things that elevates the work of Jack McCoy so high in the medium. And it does a similar thing for the intro to this one. This clip came with a message from Albee delivering some unfortunate news, I'll paste it here without further commentary:

Recently I suffered a head injury at jaws. It's a month out and we are still not sure how well I'm recovering. After talking with several doctors the basic analisys is if I continue the next 5-10 years like I have the last 5-10 years I am at very high risk for CTE and other brain related complications...As of right now I fully intend to get back out there and redeem myself but I also know if I make a few more of the same mistakes I'll end up not being able to do a lot of the things I love to do, or surf "small" waves good again. So this edit is basically my own form of therapy trying to figure out where to go from here. I do know I wouldn't trade the moments I've had so far for anything in the world."

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good and long weekend everyone.

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