Will Pipeline be the Olympics Venue for LA 2028? Dane's Bringing Back Marine Layer? And Surfing the Croc Waters of Broome!

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was March 6 2020

1. Teahupo'o Confirmed For the 2024 Paris Olympics

Woah, after the constant whining/concern that surfing's first Olympic Games appearance this year at Tokyo 2020 is going to be marred as an underwhelming snoozefest due to lack of a world class wave, we're now going to get the complete opposite in the games coming four years later at Paris. That's right, a full on, premier Championship Tour venue that's delivered some of the sport's greatest ever highlights, Teahupo'o will be the venue for the 2024 Games.

Here is quite literally all of the information that the WSL reported on the matter:

"Paris 2024, the organizing committee for the Olympic Games, has reported that the International Olympic Committee has approved Teahupoo as the venue for surfing in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games."

What I find most interesting about this – apart from the fact that surfers who have qualified via the ISA games on some crappy beachbreak somewhere could be heading to 20 foot death Chopes – is the precedent it sets on locations for the games in the future. I thought Olympics were about the city – EG, Paris – and not just any possible location that comes under the state ownership of the host city's country. What this does is open up any future host city that is landlocked to the possiblity of still keeping surfing as an Olympic sport, without the need to build a wave pool. But does it also mean that the 2028 Olympic Games could send the surfers to Pipeline? Why not? Hossegor or Teahupo'o? Trestles or Pipe? It's the same question, no?

2. Your Weekly QS Update – Banting Wins Avoca, Newy Pumps

It's fully Aussie QS season right now, with the classic event of the Newy Surfest happening as I type, the Sydney Surf Pro getting underway next week, and the lead up event of the Vissla and Sisstrevolution Central Coast Pros at Avoca going down last weekend.

The Central Coast Pros were QS 3000s, so while not being a huge player in deciding who qualifies or doesnt for 2021, they may still likely play a part for those that come first and second at the event (every surfer who qualified last year via the QS had at least one instance of event points of 3000 or less contributing to their total) – though it's a little hard to work out right now given how much the QS is changing this year – there have been four QS 5000s this year already. Anyway, it was Aussie Matt Banting and South African Sarah Baum who started their campaigns on the right foot, taking the full 3000 points with their wins in Avoca, while Sheldon Simkus and Cedar Leigh Jones claimed the 2400 points for second.

To Newy: Surfest has seen sick comp waves and legendary local Matt Hoy on the broadcast commentary – an absolute delight – they are up to the round of 24 in the men's and womens. There are heaps of Aussies left in the running on both sides, so we'll just shout-out locals Phillipa Anderson and Ryan Callinan. It's worth noting that in the long history of Surfest, no local has ever won the men's side of the event, which is mental. R-Cal is looking really strong and could easy do it this time. And the surfers of Merewether would lose their shit if he did.

That event is weighted as a QS 5000, but the big QS of the Australian leg is Sydney, which is the first of the new "Challenger Series" format, and is a proper QS 10,000. Win that, and you'll probably be on the CT in 2021 – which makes it worth tuning in for alone. It starts on Monday.

Here's some highlights from Day 1 at Newy:

3. Dane Is Bringing Back Marine Layer!

Dane freaking Reynolds.

In the world of the dreadful YouTube surfer vlog, the internet surf world has missed the old blog of Dane Reynolds – Marine Layer Productions. It was the gold standard of offbeat, alternative yet A-Grade surf content. You could even make the argument that it's the best thing surfing has produced through the digital age (what better encapsulated the duel worlds of pro sport and offbeat counter-culture pursuit of surfing in the 2010s like Dane's blog did?). It was creative, candid, interesting and the dude was absolutely ripping. Somewhere along the line, however, blogging became a far less relevant medium, not just in surfing, but everywhere. Twitter, Instagram, and, of course, YouTube grew and grew and grew and displaced it, destroyed it. But it seems Dane doesn't really care about that, this week posting to Instagram with the low-key announcement he is going to start blogging again. He posted:

"Think I’m gonna start blogging again. I know blogs are dead but still feels like the right platform to post surf videos and opinion and include my friends I surf with every day. Stay tuned." 

And to refresh the memory, here is the kind of clip that Marine Layer used to produce:

4. Jay Davies and Harry Bryant Surf Broome

With a rare cyclone swell looming, Harry and Jay head to surf croc and box-jelly country of far north Queensland. Not sure you could pick two more Aussie, better suited surfers for this local kind of version of Weird Waves. The highlight, as usual with this kind of content, is the stoke of the locals getting rare waves near home.

5. Kelly Slater Tournotes – Prepping for the 2020 CT

So I guess that's confirmation that Kelly Slater will again be surfing on the Championship Tour, which makes it his 30th year going around?! That, like everything else the man has achieved, is truly ridiculous. I hope he never retires, and I hope every single year we speak endlessly about whether or not he is retiring. Do you think he's thinking about a possible John John or Kolohe injury, and still has the Olympics in mind? Could easily happen.

6. Forever Mason Ho

Mason Ho and a backwash wedge mutation is a perfect match. This clip is from a week spent in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil after Mason bombed out of a QS 5000 over there. Fun news out of the Mason Ho QS files though, he just won the QS 1000 Air Tahiti Rangiroa Pro. Onya, Mase! Comp-Mase is a go!

7. The Best of Gabriel Medina on the CT

WSL adds to their series of just pulling from the archives the best waves of a surfer in their time on the CT and chucking them into an edit, this time with 2-time World Champ Gabriel Medina. I'm not sure I'll ever get over the fact that after qualifying mid-year for the CT, at the age of 17, he won two events from five starts. He won two events before his technical rookie year! What a ridiculous dude.

8. Gabriel Medina In a Ralph Lauren Ad

Speaking of being a ridiculous (in the best way) dude, here is Gabriel Medina in an ad for Ralph Lauren, surfing 2024 Olympic venue Teahupo'o. Well, alright.

9. WSL's Soundwaves Listens In To Kai Lenny and Lucas Chianca at Nazaré

WSL's best content series continues to be their best content series with this behind the scenes look at that unique Nazaré big wave comp. This is the most insightful thing about modern big wave surfing I've ever seen. And what did I learn? That, man, I really wish Kai Lenny was my friend. How do I get that special big wave surfing community friendship without having to surf terrifying waves? Might send him a friendship request on Facebook or something today. That'll do it.

10. Italo and J.O.B.

Is the OG king of surf YouTube, Jamie O'Brien, evolving from his vlog/Jackass style and moving into making docos and things? Kinda looks that way if this content is anything to go by – a documentary about Italo Ferreira. It's a little broad and vague in its direction, but it is a cool insight from a JOB perspective of Italo's home surf life and their relationship.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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