Mick n Mikey's Shared Bomb, Macy Callaghan Rips, & is Griff Colapinto's Clip the Best Surfing of 2020 So Far?

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was April 3 2020

1. Your Weekly COVID-19 Surfing Related Update – It Sucks

Well shit, I guess the surf-internet news this week is just how badly the many many people who work in the surf industry are eating it right now. Good people who work hard in an industry they love, having to be let go – like so many other Australians at the moment. Rip Curl, Quiksilver, O'Neill, Volcom have all been reported as having experienced massive layoffs in their retail stores and some of their head offices. Given the way things are going, this is of course no surprise, but that doesn't make it any less shitty. Power to those going through it.

Other interesting quarantine-related surf news was that of the scene on the Surf Coast of Victoria last Saturday morning (and presumably many many other stretches of coast across the country). Vicco experienced a really nice run of swell and some beautiful weather Saturday, and despite an overwhelming push for everyone to stay home, carparks and beaches were packed. The Surf Coast Shire ended up announcing that evening that beaches from there on would be closed. You can still surf, but no hanging out on the beach (the Vic government went into stage 3 lockdown a couple days later which would have done this in any case). As a result, carparks have been shut, and surfers have been parking in that Bells paddock that gets used durfing the Rip Curl Pro instead. There is an interesting dynamic brewing here, where the cocktail of circumstances is seeing a rise in vocal localism. Surfers with the fair enough justification to say, finally, "If you're not from here, you can't come and surf here, you are endangering our communities." At the moment exercise is allowed, but who can exercise(surf) where has not been stipulated and would be hard to enforce. A lack of clear info can give rise to communities enforcing their own clarity where they feel it's needed. So while surfing is still allowed it will be fascinating to watch how this plays out. Nick Carroll is working on a story about this covid-related localism as I type, and will be up on Coastalwatch shortly – so watch this space.

Speaking of Nick, he interviewed surfing psychologist Richard Bennett about dealing with suddenly not being able to surf, and I can't recommend highly enough that you read it. There's some stuff in there that I know I'll be returning to over the next couple of months as we continute to grapple with the mental health challenges of self-isolation and this new normal.

And while we're trying to handle all this, spose we should probably be exercising at home where we can, and who better to show us how than 3-time World Champ Mick Fanning. So umm... the lead clip in This Week In Surfing this week is a work out video... that's certainly a first.

2. It's Mick Week

Rip Curl put out a "Mick Week", like shark week, only instead of sharks, it's Mick Fanning... which is a pretty good switcheroo. They've been releasing quotidien daily content daily every day daily, the highlight of which has been the edit of Mick's return from injury amongst Cyclone Gretel. The clip, embedded below, features that incredible wave that went kinda sorta maybe a little bit viral: bottom turning around Mikey Wright and into a pretty sick pit.

He explained the situation on his Instagram after the clip did the rounds:

"You can see in the angle when Mikey looks over to see if I’m there I’m completely engulfed. I didn’t want to yell out in case I went straight over the falls so when I did it was too late. Mikey did a great job avoiding me cause honestly I didn’t see him until I was already under him. We laugh now because we came away unhurt. Yeeew."

3. John John and Friends At the Kelly Pool

John John is ordinarily the quietest A-grade surfer we have – both literally and with content output. But that seems to have been changing in 2020. In the last two weeks he’s released four independent clips. Does this have anything to do with him not being on Hurley anymore? Not sure. One thing is for sure though, the bloke is well on his way to making half-decent cash on YouTube alone if he wants. This clip has done 173,000 views in just a day and a half. And the clip? It's okay, the wave at 5.50 is maybe the glassiest we've yet seen in Kelly's pool.

4. The Best of Julian Wilson on the WSL CT

Tell you what's annoying, I'm pretty sure Julian Wilson iced Kelly Slater at the Quiksilver Pro when he was a wildcard and not yet on the Championship Tour. That happened, right? And it was a major part of Julian's story as a rising prodigious young star... but the short memory the WSL has with it's history of elite pro surfing (or perhaps just a lack of access to the old content?) we don't get to see it here. Would have been cool to watch that again, that said, sheeesh Julian's been surfing well over the years.

5. Speaking of Julian

Here he is for 24 hours in Jeffreys Bay.

6. All In Episode 3

Red Bull's ongoing high-end doco series following Kanoa Igarashi and Steph Gilmore over last year joins them in Portugal after disappointment in France. In this episode we hear Pete Mel over the commentary say about Kelly, "He's looking down the line, going, 'Oh, you little turkey.'" And for that, Pete Mel will always be one of my favourite commentators. "Oh, you little turkey!" Hey, speaking of Kelly, how weird must it be for almost every single time you lose a heat, it's pretty well a career highlight and super special moment for the person you lost to. How does one live with that kind of pressure all the time? By writing earnest acoustic guitar music? Cool!

7. Griffin Colapinto Released a 16-Minute Edit

An absolute A-grade surf clip from one of the best surfers of the current era, a bonafide surf star for the present moment. One of the fun things about this is seeing Tom Jennings, the fantastic West Australian filmographer, in front of the camera (rare) chatting in the carpark at the early: "If you just wait long enough, there should be some good ones. And if it sucks, you come in and get a coffee. Can't lose." That's the kind of attitude I want to live my life by. Oh, and if you don't want to watch the full clip but do want to see the best single turn you'll watch this week, cut to 10.30, phwoooaaaaarrrr!

8. Is Three Mick Clips Too Much Mick?

Hmm... nah. Here's the highlights of his three world titles, 2007, 2009, and 2013, thanks to Rip Curl's Mick week. 

9. Get To Know Macy Callaghan

What a crying shame it is that the 2017 World Junior Champ (which she won at just 16) won't be able to grow a little further in the big leagues of the CT for a full year this year. Ah well. Anway, here she is, showing us how she stole a photo from the WSL and how she friggin rips. Also, it takes us on the QS grind with her at the last event of 2019 where she needed to finish third to qualify for 2020. Good clip this one.

10. Billy Bain on the Shred

A new episode of O'Neill's excellent series "The O'Riginals", a bunch of mini-docos focussing on young surfers doing things their own way. This one is a catch up with series one subject Billy Bain, who after five years of city living and art school, has come back to life at his home as an every day surfer and a professional artist. Nice.


Bit of wave pool stuff? Yeah, bit of wave pool stuff. With Jack and Alana. Apparently Jack bought out the pool for a private night session for Alana's birthday. Gotta love a present you get to enjoy yourself too.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Stay home.

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