Shred at Home, a Dumb Idea To Save the WSL, and Who Won the Virtual Gold Coast Pro?

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Mike Jennings

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Craig Anderson's clip, Nonsense, is a winner.

Craig Anderson's clip, Nonsense, is a winner.


Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was April 10 2020

1. Your Weekly COVID-19 Surfing Related Update – The Beaches Are Closing, A Dumb Idea for the WSL, and the CT Has a Deadline

It's Easter weekend and can you go surfing? Well, maybe. Give Nick Carroll's piece, The Weirdest Easter Ever, a read. He lays out pretty quickly the state of beach closures and which coastal regions will allow its local surfers to get out and get wet. He also dives deeper into the heightened emotional state of line-ups around the country and the rising threat of old-school localism. It's a good read.

The bigger question, though, shouldn't be whether or not you are allowed to go surfing, but whether or not you should. Gonna clarify here that the next couple lines of editorial are my own, and not an official line by Coastalwatch... (as is anything I write on this website), but I think we need to switch up our thinking here. Staying at home is the priority, stop looking for loopholes to keep doing the thing you love while the rest of the country is making sacrifices for the greater good of us all. If you need to exercise for your mental and physical wellbeing, then that is allowed and encouraged, of course! And if surfing is the best way you can do that safely, then that is what you should do. But if you can do your exercise and look after your mental health from home, of which many of you can, then stay home. There are bigger problems we're facing right now than whether or not you get your time in the brine.

Yes, I’m sure that you, a responsible adult, could hit the road, drive for two hours and find a beach with no-one on it, surf and get home without injury. But I’m also sure that many responsible adults in safe cars could drive on stretches of the Hume Highway at 150 kilometres an hour safely. This isn’t about you, and that’s not how laws work. They blanket over society to protect us from the 5 per cent of drongos who don’t do things safely. The idiots who without parking attendants would park in the middle of the road. The idiots who right now aren’t washing their hands as they should, the ones who aren’t social distancing. This is something we’re all doing right now to help ensure the survival of our community’s most vulnerable. It’s quite beautiful in a lot of ways; have you ever seen a community come together in one giant act of solidarity like this before? I haven’t (and why wouldn't you want to be a part of that). So it’s a fair bummer when you see comments like “A policeman would have to shoot me in the f***ing head to stop me surfing this weekend" and to know that that’s an attitude popular in the greater surf community. People who play basketball at local courts every day aren’t arguing for their right to shoot some free throws, what makes us think we’re so special? We’re not. Shred at home. It will save lives.

And in other coronavirus surfing news: I've heard, though not sighted, that surfers on the WSL Championship Tour have received an email from the WSL which outlines that if the WSL can't restart the CT season by July, they will cancel it completely for the year. At a hunch, I reckon that probably puts the odds in the favour of there being no 2020 World Champions this year. Wild times... unless...

So, I had the dumbest surf idea of all time... have you read about NRL Island, UFC Island, and the hub system the AFL is considering putting in place to get its season back and going. You can see where I'm going with this. Do you reckon the accommodation at Tavarua and Namotu Islands have any bookings for the foreseeable future? Let's go WSL, when the slightest hint of opens again... book it! Send the tours there and run five back to back Cloudbreak and Restaurants Pros. Why the hell not? (Other than the millions of legitimate economical, logistical and medical reasons, obviously, just sweep those to the side for a moment.)

Till then, here's ten minutes of Maroubra during the week. As it and most other beaches should be for the timebeing, completely bloody empty:

2. Torren Martyn's Ice Cold Adventure

We've come to know the smooth lines and wanderlust vibes of a Torren Martyn clip very well by now, but damned if we'll ever get sick of them. This one sees Martyn riding two-twin fins by Simon Jones (the Morning of the Earth Surfboards guy) – a 6'4" and a 7'4" – through some terribly harsh conditions. Filmed just this Feb, Torren and his wetty brand founder Ryan Scanlon hit up some -10C Arctic set-ups before coming home and being directed into quarantine. Give it a watch, it's a beauty.

3. Craig Anderson Is Good

Craig Anderson is still the man when it comes to stylishly smooth yet hi-fi surfing. The Novacastrian’s tweaked out straight airs are the prettiest in the game and have been for years now (not to mention that backhand tube stance). His new clip for the brand he does with Dane Reynolds and friends also includes a fella by the name of Benny Howard, an early 20s Port Macquarie surfer on the Former team who’s ripping too. All put to a Purple Mountains track (R.I.P.) it’s a 5 star clip for sure.

4.Mikey February x Marvin Gaye x Mexico

Buttery South African pro Mikey Feb took some of his old Mexican footage and cut it to "Got To Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye and watching it feels a little bit like connecting two blocks of lego together. It fits, it clicks, it hurts when you accidentally step on it in barefeet. Does that last bit make sense? No.

5. Jack Robbo's B-Roll For Snapt4

Now here's a good idea: Working on releasing a surf movie? Why not release the B-Roll footage before you unload the full product; build your own hype while you can actually use it. That's what the people behind the fourth "Snapt" movie have done with Jack Robbo's cutting room floor clips here. Good shit.

6. Mason Ho's Hydra Fish Session

The only thing that might be as enjoyable as a Mason Ho clip is the relentless love for the man in the YouTube comments that always come with it. Here are my favourites from this one:

"Anybody who tries to say that Mason isn't one of the Top 5 best surfers in the world is a Kooooook"

"Shaaaaaa!.. when I get back ta bartending after all the crazy covid 19 subsides, my new drink the Mason Ho.. it's tequila, vodka, rum and guava juice.. on da ROCKS of course!.. luv the ding report cuz.. Ho dynasty foevah strong! mahaloz"

"dude loves these rocks"

"Lifeguard be like: nah don't worry about it, it's Mason."

"I lost 2 fins just watching this video"

Lost... : Hey Mason, we got this sweet new board for you...

Mason: Cool...I'm gonna go surf it at Rockpiles and Log Cabins...
Lost... : (face palm emjoi)."

7. Steph Gilmore and Kanoa Igarashi, All In Episode 4

The Red Bull fly on the wall series follows the two stars to Hawaii for the final events of the year, the Lululemon Pro at Honolua Bay and the Billabong Pipe Masters, respectively. Steph gives a pretty nice perspective and insight as to the benefits of a solely women event, which makes that Honolua Bay comp all the more special.

8. Occy's Doing Mini Podcasts From Home

The Occ-Cast went missing for a little while there, but the great man is back with some quarantine-content: video calling some of the Billabong team. So far the eps have featured Griffin Colapinto and the World Champ Italo Ferreira.

9. Lipped Podcast Did a Virtual Gold Coast Pro

Jimmy and Cahill from Aussie surf podcast Lipped must be pulling their hair out not being able to watch professional surfing at the moment. Of course necessity is the mother of the invention, and that's why they've found a way to run the event no.1 of the CT regardless. Tune in and listen to them play out the event we lost. Looking forward to the Bells version of this format. What else are we gonna do?

10. Rage Rage Rage Rage Rage Rage Three (3)

Shit, Have You seen Rage yet? You can buy it here. I still haven't seen it, which is a travesty because I bloody love those guys. Shyama Buttonshaw reckons Shaun Manners does the biggest straight air in history in it. Loading this up for Friday night viewing tonight, for sure.


Here's a playlist that I put on and walked around the house in a really fast pace to this morning.

And that was this week in surfing. Stay safe, shred at home, and have a good weekend.

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