Jackson Dorian's New Clip is Outrageous, Fresh Dane Content, and Oh Boy That's Quite a Large Shark

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was June 26 2020

1. Jackson Dorian, a Superstar In Waiting

Thirteen-year-old Jackson Dorian, son of Shane, just dropped the most jaw-dropping aerial display we've yet seen in 2020. An all wave pool edit out of the Waco, Texas tub, there are just so many WTF moments. The way he tweaks and controls the air at 0.18, the madonna (I think, correct me skaters) air he does 0.25, how inverted he gets at 0.40, the heeeeeiiight and rotation at 0.57, the projection at 1.32.... I'll stop there. Sure, a lot of them aren't makes... but it's all still quite impressive, very Matt Meola-esque. And we're done in under three minutes! The brevity!

Kinda gets you thinking – a kid growing up in the wave pool era, with unprecedented access to them via his family's place in the industry... just how big are the leaps the sport (yes sport) will see in the next decade going to be? 

2. Fresh Dane Stuff

After taking a break in respect to the Black Lives Matter movement, Dane Reynolds’ new Marine Layer style blog Chapter 11 TV is back with fresh content.

The clip really starts at 4.20. After some scenic vibes of Ventura line-up minutiae, it gets into that classic Dane speed and power, with some nice tuberiding by his mate Matt McCabe to round it out. Speaking of, it’s cool how he’s using his massive platform as one of the most influential surfers of the last decade (and ever) to spotlight his younger up and coming friends. McCabe has 2.7k followers on Instagram, for example, to Dane’s near 100 times more of 267k.

3. Locals Shred Their Local

Is this the best edit to come out of that epic swell that battered the east coast of Australia late-May 2020? It's certainly the best to come out of this particular region for it. On the Northern Beaches of Sydney, on the same days that the greatest surfer of all time was paddling out in their line-ups, the working surfers of Beau Cram, Karl Atkins, Paul “Bass” Stanton and Nick Laidlaw took to their local and surfed it with wonderful aplomb.

4. We Like Jamie Krups

Here's industrious young Aussie goofy Jamie Krups' highlights from semi-underground surf film Fairy released back in March. He's good.

5. Surfing Is Fun

Sometimes it’s just nice to see surfers having fun. This here  longboarding clip from Billabong Women’s – out of Siargao, Phillipines – does that. It’s part of a campaign for Billabong’s eco collection, so basically an ad, but it’s cool they went to longboarder Josie Prendergast’s birthplace of said Philippine island for it. 

6. Surfing is Scary

Everyone's focussing on the shark in this video but no-one is talking about the strangely diverse line-up we have here. Short-boarder, longboarder, goat-boater, guy on a fish... a shark. Everyone, shark included, sharing this break peacefully. Beautiful. Fun fact: Goatboaters were coined that name after George Greenough decided they were the greatest boat people of all time. That's true. I didn't just make that up right now. 

7. 24 Minutes of Kite-Surfing, No Really

Four-time World Kitesurfing champion Keahi de Aboitiz is a surfer from Noosa who as a grommet took up the hybrid pastime to fill the down days marked by no swell or ridiculous crowds. And then he got really really good at it. On top of four-peating in the kitesurf world, he scored the first ever 10 point ride on the SUP World Tour, and paddled into a bomb on the North Shore that landed him in the top 10 of Surfline's prestigious Wave of the Winter award. And now it seems he's pushing boundaries in how kitesurfing can be done in conventional, pumping tubes and whatnot. The dude is unbelievable.

8. Morgan Maassen's Portrait of Noa Wegrich

Auteur Morgan Massen points his lens on the Californian freesurfer. And the smooth lines of the Santa Cruz goofy, with Morgan's deft touch on the edit, makes for a really lovely surf-portrait. Plus, there's some West Aus desert bombs in here too, which are always welcome.

9. Rusty Bierke Was on Jamie Mitchell's Poddy

Jamie Mitchell is our Aussie 10 x Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Champion turned one of the world's best big wave chargers – basically the definition of "waterman". He's got a new podcast and this week he's got everyone's favourite young South Coast phenom Russell Bierke to tell his story. From growing up with an accomplished surfer and shaper Kirk Bierke as a dad, to underground south coast big wave culture, to Red Bull Cape Fear and the WSL Big Wave World Tour, to almost dying at a little known Vicco big wave spot – there's a lot to cover, but it's all a good listen.

10. Mason Ho.. sigh... Surfing on Rocks Again

Mason, stop it. Stop it, Mason. Mase, c'mon, quit it will ya? Mr. Ho, please, it's time to stop doing this. Mason, it's okay, we can stop doing this. Mason! Mason! Mase, buddy, that's enough hey? Let's do something else, Mason.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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