Will this Be the Best Surf Clip of 2020? The Melbourne Wave-Pool Shuts Again, and Pumping Padang Padang

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was July 10 2020

1. This Might End up Being the Clip of the Year

There’s a smooth stomped backflip here... and it wouldn't even be in the top 20 most impressive clips in this video.

With Soft Serve, 20-year-old West Australian Kael Walsh has dropped perhaps the best surf edit of the year so far and announced his arrival as one of the world's premier freesurfers in the Dane Reynolds, Noa Deane, Mikey Wright mould.

Over 12 minutes, the vid features four significant West Aus swells and two trips to Indo, with cameos from Taj Burrow, Jay Davies, Mikey Wright, and Joel Paxton. Wade Carroll, who you might know as the guy behind Mikey Wright's best clips (Root, Rage) kills it behind the lens and on the edit, with some help from an A-grade soundtrack (Breeders, Mudhoney, UMO, the Cure) and some significantly pumping West Australian tubes. But, of course, it's Kael's surfing that makes the impact. Awesome tubes, big airs, powerful turns – surfed with the sort of full throttle West Aussie demeanour that makes you accidentally swear under your breath as you watch. It's unreal.

2. If there Wase One Person I Wish I Could Surf Like

Asher Pacey is the definition of smooth surfing. Riding six different Album surfboards, Pacey draws lines on Snapper-like and Snapper waves that really make us want to go surfing – which is the measure of any half-decent surf clip. Perhaps the most interesting part of this edit, however, is that it’s made up of cutting room floor clips from Pacey’s from the forthcoming Snapt4 surf vid. Which after Jack Robinson’s B-Roll was also released back in April, is shaping up to be quite the flick.

3. Cape Solander/Ours/Cape Fear Was Pretty Good Last Week

Tim Bonython has made a career of being in the right place at the right time, camera in hand, when significant swells meet nasty ledges of reef. Last weekend, with lockdown behind most of Australia, he was free to drive south and shoot the locals as they took on Sydney's most notorious slab. It was pits and pitfalls galore.

Featuring Dylan Longbottom, Kipp Caddy, Kirk Flintoff, Harry Fisher, Ignacio Salazar, Jim Bocoe, Kirk Jenkins, Matt Hollman, Aiden Dabbagh and more.

4. Surfing Is Open Again on Bali, and Padang Padang Was Pretty Good

The "Surfers of Bali" YouTube channel has been lighting up of late with a host of raw clips from Bingin, Uluwatu and Canngu. This one here is from July 2 2020 at Padang Padang where locals and expats rifled tubes like it's a video game.

"It wasn't as perfect as it gets – with a lot of end section clamps," describes the YouTube account, "but there were still some big, perfect green tubes that are a trademark of Bali's best wave."

5. Once Again The Pool is Closed, and Once Again it's Locals Only on the Vic Coasts

As you're no doubt aware, the Melbourne metropolitan area has been moved back into lockdown for the next six weeks, which mean's two things for surfing. First, while Victorian surfers on the coasts will be able to paddle out at their locals, Melbourne surfers will not be allowed to travel down the coast to join them. And second, the Melbourne wave pool at Tullamarine has to shut its doors once again. I believe that means that since opening to the public, it will have been closed more than it has been open. That's rough.

Below is a nice clip released this week by Phillip Island's Sophie Fletcher driving across to the city and having a go.

6. Wade Carmichael's Cutting Room Floor Clippings

Cenny Coast powerhouse CTer Wade Carmichael is working on a major edit for his sponsor Rusty, and this is a short and hard clip made with the shots that won't make it. Respect the short-john.

7. Jack Robbo's Road to the CT

It’s episode 2 of Red Bull’s new series, Inflection Point, documenting the final QS of the year at Sunset and three surfers trying to make it on to the 2020 Championship Tour – Jack Robinson, Cam Richards, and Barron Mamiya… It’s great viewing, but it’s a little weird watching and knowing that while this is all dramatic and amazing… that the 2020 CT wouldn’t happen. Like watching Reggie Miller in “Winning Time” finally taking down the Knicks, only to, you know, go down to the Magic after the documentary ends. Still good though. And, boy, Jack Robbo... the guy can surf.

8. Jamie O'Brien at the Biggest Wedge in a Fair While

California’s the Wedge will never not be a source of fascination and/or ridiculous clips of bodysurfers, bodyboarders, skim boarders and surfers getting smoked, with the occasional made tube. It was solid this week (“8-10 feet Hawaiian”). And Jamie O’Brien was in the area to surf and vlog it. Surfing starts at 4.30 and ends at 7.30.

9. This Mini Doc on the American Olympic Team Battle Is Excellent

A very good 20 minute documentary about the top three female American surfers – Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and Caroline Marks – battling for the two Olympic spots that were up for grabs on the WSL CT last year. It all comes down to Honolulu Bay, pretty well as dramatic as you can make it, and the production don’t stuff it up in the slightest. On top of that, they go deep with what little time they have into bigger gender issues surfing faces, explained to a non core surf audience with a deft brevity. And the shots of Carissa Moore crying in the locker room are iconic.

10. Jackson Dorian (and dad Shane) on the Occ-Cast

Occy keeps his mini corona casts going, this week getting the young aerial sensation Jackson Dorian and his old man Shane Dorian on for a chat. Following Jackson's wild viral Waco pool edit two weeks ago, it's cool to the grom talk and hear from his old man.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Stay safe.

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