A WSL Wave Pool Event Is Coming in a Week, Italo Ferreira Is Still a Beast, and the Fantasy of Perfect Empty Kandui

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Mike Jennings

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Italo is good.

Italo is good.


Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was August 1 2020

1. Another Swell For Sydney

The biggest story for the surf internet world this week was the swell that once again rocked the east coast of Australia on Monday, and the shot of 15 year old Kobi Clements that looked more like Pipeline than it did the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Photos and full story of the swell are over here. And some raw video highights from the same session below.

2. Speaking of Narrabeen

"That thing was psycho, it's that thick and round..." says Nathan Hedge, describing the tube that snapped his board, and nearly him too, clean in half.

This isn't from Monday's epic session on this same stretch of Northern Beaches sand seen above, rather it's from the gargantuan swell of the week before that saw Deadman's break the internet. On those same days, just up the road, the likes of Tom Carroll, Nathan Hedge and many more were pulling into some of the biggest tubes in recent history for the area.

3. Snapper Was Also Quite Good Last Weekend

What is happening on the East Coast of Australia right now? Up and down just waves and more waves. Sand is looking nice on the Gold Coast at the moment, and last weekend when the right swell direction hit it Mick, Wade Carmichael, Tane Bowden, Sheldon Simkus and a million other people scored some pretty decent tubes.

4. Padang Padang Had Its Day of the Year

A tourist heavy surf zone like Bali being blocked by COVID-19 from the usual influx of visitors, makes for a unique time. It becomes even more unique when the surf goes bonkers. Last week, Padang Padang did just that, and the expats and locals were all over it. 

See a full gallery of photos from this day over here.

5. Do You Know About Pep-11?

“PEP 11 is not exactly remote. It’s a 4500 square kilometre area smack bang off Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle. If it’s developed, there’s a distinct possibility that the gas rigs would be visible on the horizon...PEP 11 is not only real, it’s just two green lights from the drills being primed. The drilling could begin as early as next year.”

Sean Doherty wrote about the offshore gas field issue hiding in plain sight off the Australian east coast, it's a must-read for all surfers in Aus, and all those that compare about our Aussie coasts.

6. A Message From Maurice Cole, Still Standing!

I'm going to step aside and let Nick Carroll write the blurb for this clip:

Over the past year, surfer/shaper legend Maurice Cole has slowly slipped out of sight of many of his old friends and clients. Many of them heard rumours, few knew much of substance. The truth was, Maurice didn’t think he’d see out 2020. An old cancer diagnosis had returned, and he’d begun to plan for the worst. Then just three weeks ago, it all turned around. Maurice thought he’d save himself about ten thousand phone calls, and tell us all first hand. Video by Peter Baker.

7. Remember that Kandui Story We Ran?

You know the one? The one where the Mentawai Islands was absolutely off its head, best it's been years style firing, and no-one but staff were around to surf it. Well here is a more polished, elite edit from that week starring Anthony Fillingim, the lucky man stranded in surf paradise while the world has been falling apart. This is like the surfing version of the childhood fantasy of being locked in a toy store overnight.

8. WSL Are Gonna Run a Pool Comp

The WSL have announced they're going to run a surf competition at their pool and... yeah. The big major sports of NBA, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Major League Soccer are underway in the US, and the WSL seems to want to be a part of the action. The question is, with no World Title points, no stakes on the line for the competition... will anyone care to tune in to a bunch of Americans surf against Americans in a meaningless surf off on artificial waves? Seems kinda grim to me.

Anyway, the comp will run August 9, which is 5am Monday morning for the East Coast of Australia. And the format is as follows:

"16 surfers (eight men and eight women) will pair-up to form eight co-ed teams. The teams will face-off in a head-to-head bracket, advancing through to the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final to win. Every round, each team will get four waves, consisting of two rights and two lefts. Each surfer's best score will be combined to create the team score for that round. The team with the best score will advance to the next round. Judges will watch and score the event remotely."

9. In Case You Were Wondering if World Champ Italo Ferreira Still Rules

He does... 

10. Wade Carmichael Is On a Beer T-Shirt

The main reason I'm placing this t-shirt/beer ad of everyone's favourite Aussie underdog here is because he's seen wearing a short john at one point. And the short john is the best wetsuit. Also, he's ripping. Go Wade!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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