Spot-X Surf Fest

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‘A surfers gathering’ June 20-21st - Arrawarra Beach, Arrawarra NSW

The Spot X Surf Fest celebrates the diversity of contemporary surf culture including art, literature, music, surfboards and wave-riding at beautiful Arrawarra on the North Coast of NSW.
Free surfing the fun right-hand peelers at Arrawarra Point is reminiscent of the uncrowded surf breaks of the past and has been chosen as the location for the Spot X Surf Fest to reflect the variety of styles and aesthetics that characterise surfing today.
The Spot-X Surf Festival will be held over the winter solstice period to celebrate the joy, freedom, individuality, community and creativity that we all experience through living a surfing lifestyle.
Join surfers and artists for an awesome weekend of surfing, art exhibitions, film, surfboard appreciation, conversations, surf yoga and lazy waves at Arrawarra and the surrounding beach breaks.

Spot X surf events include:
Art – exhibitions featuring James McMillan, Ronald Finch, Dallas Cheong, Tracy Brown 3-5pm Saturday and Sunday at Arrawarra Holiday Park accompanied by live music. Free
Literature - “In conversation” panel on surf culture with surf writer Tim Baker, Surf documentary creator John Meredith and Rebecca Olive women’s surf commentator.
6pm at Arrawarra Holiday Park Saturday night
Film – Australian’s Premier of The Women and the Waves Heather Hudson and Swell Pictures Inc. WOMEN’S SURF FILM TO MAKE WAVES ON MAUI

The Women and the Waves

Surf Film Celebrating the Female Surfing Experience Becomes
an Official Selection at the 2009 Maui Film Festival
and Receives Kind Words From Legendary Surfer.

(SANTA BARBARA, CA.—June 5, 2009) After three successful screenings to very enthusiastic audiences at the Film Festivals in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Cruz , California. The Women and the Waves travels across the Pacific Ocean to screen at the Celestial Cinema under the stars on opening night as an Official Selection in the Maui Film Festival on June 17, 2009.

Through the collaborative efforts of Heather Hudson (Graciegirl LLC) and Peck Euwer (Swell Pictures Inc.), the film documents the female surfing experience through the lives of ten women from age 17 to 64. From the swells of Mexico to Hawaii’s temperate waters and the enticing California coastline, audiences will gain insight into what it’s like to “Surf Like a Girl!” Shot in High Definition, The Women and the Waves pays tribute to pioneers who paved the way and recognition to the everyday surfers who keep the dream alive.

The film also receives kind words from legendary surfer, Gerry Lopez.

“Girls have always gone surfing. Ancient Hawaiian stories about women surfing better than the men started killing feuds among the alii. Anyone who is a surfer knows that experience, technique and finesse count for more than simple brute strength, so why shouldn’t women surf well? Graciegirl/ Swell Pictures has a new film called “The Women and the Waves” that is a thoughtful and provocative look at a few women who surf very well. Check it out and afterwards you may have to reassess the girls out in the line-up to give them their space based on ability and not on gender. The fact is some of them may be able to surf circles around you”
Gerry Lopez

Fil Baker's film - 'The life and films of Alby Falzon' has just won best editing at the international surf film festival in St Jean de Luz in France and has now been entered into the New York surf film festival.
Screening of Blue Yonder followed by a talk with the film-maker, James McMillan and Mick Waters surf film Believe.
7pm at Arrawarra Holiday Park Saturday Night $10 (outside screening so bring warm clothes)
Music – bands including The Grains, Red Wine and Isaac Paddon will play during the art show Saturday and Sunday 3-5pm throughout the festival. Free
Boards –Scott Dillon surfboard discussions. Global Surf Industries board demo Saturday and Sunday 9am Free
Yoga – lessons in surf specific yoga to help you get more flexibility and strength in your surfing 9am Saturday and Sunday Arrawarra Holiday Park
SUP Workshops – Saturday and Sunday register at Arrawarra Holiday Park 9am and 1pm free
Surf Music Jam- surf to live music-conditions permitting Sunday 2pm

Most simply put, to explore the synergy between surfing and music. In concert with that, is an intention to present a co-operative surfing example, rather than a competitive one, for people to see what it looks like when a surf spot functions harmoniously.
Surfing and music have always been intrinsically linked. The ancient Polynesians, the first surfers, had chants to celebrate the arrival of a swell, or the performance of a particularly memorable ride, and to re-tell other surfing mythology.

Soundtracks fill a vital role in the success or failure of surfing movies and video - the correct marriage of a style of music, expertly cut with complimentary images, is a sure fire winner with viewers. When music conveys the energy of a surfing sequence and enhances the surfing action, the result is a hypnotic entertainment form that even non-surfers are drawn to.
Editors and writers and directors go to great lengths to orchestrate the correct arrangement of image and sound. Surf Jam poses the possibility of achieving such a marriage naturally, organically, live in a real surfing and musical experience.
Musicians will naturally respond to the ocean, an approaching set of waves, lulls, the surfing action. They are free to be as improvisational or as rehearsed as they like.

International Surfing Day will be celebrated with surfing, food and music.
Come and celebrate your surfing life with friends and family at the Spot X Surf Festival at Arrawarra from 20th-21st June.

For more information and updated schedule or call Vanessa Thompson on 0413 009902

Accommodation Options: cabins, powered sites or camping at Arrawarra Holiday park (right on the point). Five-star accommodation at Mullaway available .

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