The Mad Max Wave Pool Debuts, Occy Goes Back to the Desert, Steph at Malibu Is Grace Personified

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was November 2, 2018

1. Wave Pool Madness

This week the biggest surf news around the globe was the terrifying Mad Max post apocalyptic wave pool, Surf Lakes. Would you just look at thing when it pumps and hisses? Wild. Like a futuristic invention from a movie about turn of the century (last century) cowboys or something. The Barton Lynch and Mark Occhilupo endorsed mystery wave had its first public test (and perhaps first test at all?) in the inland Queensland location of Yeppoon. Pro surfers like Connor O'Leary, Mitch Crews, Dakoda Walters, Felicity Palmateer and more were there to test the first breaking waves at the picturesque inland spot, and it was fascinating to watch it all roll out over social and internet surf media over the two days they had it. The circular lake is interesting, with actual spots and a more natural beach line-up feel, and the prettiest backdrop/setting we've seen for any wave pool just yet. The vibe on the beach looked fun too, with the crew cracking beers and cheering on their friends, stoked on the surface being scratched here. The waves, however, unfortunately looked a little small (still the sort of perfect small waves you'd love shaing with mates on sunset). Reportedly the machine broke after testing over the two days, and this was the machine at half strength in any case, meaning the waves will be double in size or bigger when they drain the pool, fix it, and revamp it up for a second run – hopefully for the public. 

And so another chapter in the wave pool space race gets written, next up will be the on at Tullamarine. Some far day in the future, Webber Wave Pools. And then after that? The second Kelly Slater Wave Pool, wherever that may be. What an interesting time to be a surfer.

2. Occy and Shane Hit the Desert With Jack Robbo and More 

“We’re going west, boy, I mean we’re going north… we’re going north-west!”

Occy and Shane Dorian take a younger Billabong crew including Jack Robinson, Laura Never, Shaun Manners, Kai Hing into the West Aus desert like it’s a 90s Billabong vid all over again and it’s as classic as modern surf content comes. Kinda makes me miss surf videos. Let’s blow up the internet, shall we? (Except not at all, cause we’d be all stuffed if that happened.) Jack Robinson, once again, is an incredible talent. Imagine if the WSL ran comps in only perfect swells that suited only Jack Robbo's talents? He'd be World Champ! It's an unfair world.

3. Dane Sounds Off on WSL's Instagram, Kelly/Golf, and More

The latest Monster Children magazine is guest edited by Dane Reynolds, and in so takes part in their regular 10 Things I Hate feature. Only this time MC filmed the interview, and Dane just so happened to say he hates the WSL instagram and that he also hates golf, telling a story about the last time he played, where Kelly Slater yelled at him and his friends for goofing around. Oh boy did the internet enjoy that. His definition of what a kook is is the highlight, though.

4. Jaleesa Vincent, Welcome To Billabong

Sunny Coast indie-darling of the surf world Jaleesa Vincent is now officially on the Billabong team, and so she gets here welcome to the team clip. Put together by the ever creative Luka Rubenheimer, it’s suitably offbeat and charming and fun and makes me want to go surfing. 10 million stars.

5. Steph at Malibu Proves She's the GOAT

Oh look at that, it’s the soon to be crowned 2018 World Champion, sliding down Malibu on a twin fin and proving why she should be everyone in the world’s all-time favourite surfer, ever. Can you believe that Steph is the competitive powerhouse 6 time World Champ, in the same vein as a Mick Fanning or Adriano De Souza, but then she’s also as stylish and graceful as Rob Machado (and never contrived, neither)? It’s mind-blowing that we get to experience this generational talent. Bloody amazing be the name Stephanie Gilmore, I bow down before thee.

6. Noa Deane For D'Blanc

Noa Deane is so good at surfing that a sunglasses company will pay him just to wear their sunglasses. And he doesn’t even wear them in the water, neither. What a crazy world we live in. Noa Deane in a two and a half minute clip for D’Blanc is such a treat, though. The reckless power he brings to everything he does, even tube-riding somehow, but especially his airs, is wonderful surf-viewing. Also, nice air from a dolphin in this, tweaked out and very Noa-like, really. Do you think the dolphin saw Noa and imitated him? I don’t. That’s ridiculous.

7. Dusty Payne Is Back

The QS 3000 HIC Pro, which is the comp at Sunset before the comp at Sunset we care about, went down this week and, quite heartwarmingly, Dusty Payne featured in the event. You might remember that Dusty suffered a horrific wipeout at Pipe at the beginning of the year, copping major injuries to his skull, jaw and face, and has spent all year in pretty serious rehab. Dusty ripped in his first comp for the year, making it all the way to quarter-finals at Sunset. If you were wondering who won the thing, it was Kiron Jabour, by the way, which caused no major movement on the QS rankings.

8. Al Knost and Jack Lynch Make A Surf Movie

Alex Knost and Jack Lynch star in a full length surf movie (Brown Microwave Television) made by Jazzy James Jimmy Kinnaird, and it’s every bit as psychedelic and styley as you’d expect from the trio. Alex Knost is as talented as ever, and Jack Lynch is the kindest, coolest man in surfing (who, by the way, surfs with the poise and positioning of the masters of Australian long boarding past – Midget, Nat etc. etc. etc.).

9. Russell Bierke In Fiji

Rusty Bierke hasn’t been to Cloudbreak for four years, back when he broke his foot in three places. Recently, he returned, and our little Aussie slab-hunter took to the world’s best wave (maybe world's best? It’s arguable, right?) with the courage under fire we’ve come to expect from the madman. It's not gigantic Cloudbreak, but it's pretty good.

10. Never Lose Hope, Mystical India

What a wonderful ten minute movie this is. So well told, so much spirit. Aritz Aranburu with Kepa Acero and Natxo Gonzalez go searching for a mystical Indian right-hander that has the potential to be one of the best line-ups in the world. But getting there and getting back is where the story sings. 

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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