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1 Jul 2016 1

Mike Jennings

Senior Writer

The ominous and moody image of Mick Fanning's dramatic return to the water at Jeffrey's.

The ominous and moody image of Mick Fanning's dramatic return to the water at Jeffrey's.


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was July 1, 2016

1. Mick's First Wave Back At J-Bay

We're almost at our one year anniversary of surfing's most dramatic incident, ever. You know the one. The time that Mick Fanning was almost taken by a shark during a surfing competition, live on an International webcast. So it's no surprise that in a gap year for our three time world champ, Mick's decision to return and compete at the wave he came close to being killed at is generating a bit of hype. And this week he finally landed back in South Africa and got a surf in at the famed right point before the comp is to start at the end of next week (July 6). It's a pretty nice little video on the return to the cold water of J-Bay, and Mick sure looks like a contender out there, but there is some crappy news. Since this little session took place, reports and rumours have started circulating that Mick has injured his ankle and might have to pull out of the event. Fingers crossed it heals before Round 1, Heat 1.

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2. Grant Twiggy Baker Won Peurto

This week, the WSL's Big Wave World Tour ran the Puerto Escondido Challenge in the pumping and terrifying Mexican beachbreak. Hearts in mouths surfing went down, as you'd expect, and the chocolates went to surfing gentleman and South African class-act, Grant "Twiggy" Baker.

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3. Want To Watch A Jet-Ski Get Mowed Down At The Wedge?

Of course you do, get some pop-corn and bask in the shadenfreude ya jerk.

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4. Clay Clay Clay Marzo

When it comes to high performance, barrelling lefts, there mightn't have ever been a better surfer better than Mr. Clay Marzo, and it's always a joy to watch. So Here's eight minutes of the naturally gifted Hawaiian ex-pat, surfing perfect West Oz to some very Australian sounds.

5. Billabong Team Froths Out

A mish mash of Bilabong’s all-killer no-filler team surfing through the first half of 2016. It's Indo and Aus with Creed, Callinan, Jack Robbo, Freestone and Rasta. The quick-cut highlight surfing to fast music is like the surf movies of old. And by old, I mean 90s. Fun.

VIDEO: How good did the NSW North Coast look this week

6. Come Meet Rasta's Amazing Board Quiver

"This one here is a board of Andy Irons..." This is a most freaking excellent video where David Rastovich tells the stories of his interesting and enviable surfboard collection. Rasta is a natural story-teller, and his boards have a lot of good stories, so that combo with some spliced archival footage might just go ahead and make this the best clip you watch this week.

7. They Scored In Nias

Gee, Aritz Aranburu seems to be dealing with not being on the CT pretty well, huh? Surfing crazy perfect waves in Scotland, Mexico, Indo and, of course, Namibia's Skeleton Bay (so ridiculous) for his #GoAritz series, now he's gone and done scored terrifying and brutally perfect Nias. Good onya, Aritz.

VIDEO: The deep barrels of June

8. Ellis Ericson – Inspired By... (surfboards)

Kinda looks like the Friends font, doesn’t it? Ignore that though, no Ross and Rachel story-lines here, not even one about Ross, no, instead there’s Ellis Ericsson talking about how surfboard design inspires him. “Learning from the past and trying to move forward in a progressive way,” he says, which might be the most concise way I’ve ever heard the retro-movement, or whatever you may call it, summed up. Bit of a big ol’ plug for his employer, which is fine, it also features his smooth lines, which are always a good watch.

9. Classic Wedge Slams

Back to back with the RVCA clips, this The Thrill Is Back series episode is basically just dudes getting tubed and getting slammed in nostalgic VHS quality footage. The hook coming from Nathan Fletcher's narration.

VIDEO: Due West


It's election day tomorrow. How tops is that? We get to exercise democracy while eating a sausage and bread at our local schools and scout halls.

But have you ever been curious who our favourite surf breaks vote for in the House of Reps? No? Just me? Ah kay, well I went on the ABC's interactive election map and checked out a grab bag of famous surf breaks to see where they landed in the 2013 Federal election.

Disclaimer: Notable surfers mentioned in relation to which seats they are registered to vote in are completely guessed at, and in no way is the author (that's me! hi...) making an assumption of their political leanings based on where he's guessing their polling booths to be. Here they are:

Noosa Heads – Safe Liberal
Wide Bay: A very safe LNP seat with a 13.2% margin. Julian Wilson's Coolum lands in the almost as safe seat just south of Wide Bay, Fairfax – narrowly won by Clive Palmer for the Clive Palmer party in 2013, but will now almost certainly be returned to the LNP.

Straddle – Safe Liberal
Bowman: Another safe LNP seat, Bede Durbidge's electorate was a Labor stronghold in the 80s but has been dominated by the Libs since the 2000s – 8.9% margin.

The Superbank and Burleigh Point – Safe Liberal
McPherson: Heaps safe Libs seat, taken from the Country Party in 1972 by the Libs and has never been lost – 13.0% margin

Duranbah, Byron Bay, Lennox Head – Marginal Labor
Richmond: Mick Fanning, Soli Bailey, Rasta and World No.1 Matt Wilkinson, assuming he updated his details after he moved to the Byron area, vote in this marginal Labor seat which recorded a 1.6% margin in 2013. The Greens took these surf breaks in the 2015 state election surrounding a huge anti-CSG mining debate, so it won't be a giant surpirse if this area swings further left tomorrow.

Angourie Point – Marginal Nationals
Page: Nat Young and Laurie Towner's Angourie Point is a big player. Surfed by Labor if Rudd or Gillard are leading the country, and by the Nationals if the Coalition is in reign. Who Angourie picks to win will probably win. Some A-Grade political analysis for you right there.

Crescent Head – Safe Nationals
Cowper: Bits of Coffs and Southwest Rocks also fall into Albe Falzon's electorate. It's been a safe Nationals seat since forever, current margin 13.2%

Seal Rocks – Safe Nationals
Lyne: Benny Godwin will be up early and casting his vote at a local Primary School in another safe Nationals seat – 13.6% margin.

Merewether – Safe Labor
Newcastle: MR, Hoyo, Ando, Luke Egan's old man and the rest of the Merewether boardriders crew are surfing in a safe Labor stretch of coast (9.4% margin). The place has only had 5 MPs in the 112 years since federation, all Labor.

Avoca/Box Head – Marginal Liberal
Robertson: Ace Buchan and Al Beveridge's is currently a marginal Liberal seat with a 3.1% margin in the last election. Like Angourie, Box Head sings with the winners.

North Narrabeen / Dee Why Point – Safe Liberal
Mackellar: Terry Fitzgerald's and Simon Anderson's break (not to mention World Champs Tom Carroll and Barton Lynch) is one of the safest Liberal seats getting around. With a margin at our last election of 18.8%, Bronwyn Bishop has been top dog in the line-up at Northy since 1994, but lost her pre-selection battle to Long Reef clubby, Jason Falinski for this year's vote. #Auspol.

Manly – lol, yeah, heaps safe Liberal
Warringah: Home to Australia’s most famous surfer, Tony Abbot, and our most decorated World Champ, Layne Beachly, this seat be the maddest of mad Liberal heartland. Safe as houses, which is funny, because its voters own many. Current margin 15.3%.

Bondi – Safe Liberal
Wentworth: Not really one of our favourite surf breaks, but notable ‘cause it’s where ol' mate and PM Malc is. Safe Liberal, obviously, with the flogging of a margin of 18.9% last election. Kings Cross and Darlinghurst got redistributed out of Wentworth this term, so we can expect line-up at South Bondi to go even more blue ribbon.

Cape Solander – Safe Liberal
Cook: While the Bra Boys across the Botany traditionally vote Labor (though only marginally at the moment – 2.7%), the Kamay Botany Bay National Park, of which Ours breaks off, technically falls into the Cook seat, along with Cronulla, a safe liberal heartland (15.7% margin)

Jervis Bay – Safe Labor
Jenner: One of the more curious surf spots in the election due to the fact it’s actually part of a very safe Labor seat situated inlan – Northern Canberra (12.5%). The coast north and south of it featuring waves like Bawley Point, and Sally Fitz’s home of Gerringong, are in the marginal Liberal seat of Gilmore (3.8% margin)

Express Point – Safe Liberal
Flinders: The waves of Nikki Van Dijk's Phillip Island and Trigger Bros' Mornington Peninsula break in a safe Liberal zone. Margin 11.8%.

Bells and Winkipop – Marginal Liberal
Corangamite: The Vicco Surf Coast is a marginal Liberal seat with a margin of 3.9%. The electorate that also includes Wayne Lynch's home town of Lorne is traditionally conservative, but interestingly was held by Labor under Rudd and Gillard’s Prime Ministerships. It's listed as a key seat this saturday.

Shipstern Bluff – Marginal Liberal
Lyons: Shippies breaks off the Tasman National Park which falls in to Lyons. Razor tight with a margin of just 1.2%, it's also listed as a key seat for this election. It had been an ALP seat since the 90s until the last election in 2013.

Cactus (and pretty well every notable SA surf spot that we won't name) – Safe Liberal
Grey: Every desert dwelling, hard charging SA surfer numbers their ballots in a very safe Liberal seat (13.5% margin), with an area greater than the whole state of New South Wales. The LNP has held Cactus since the 90s.

Margaret River – Safe Liberal
Forrest: Mad safe Liberal seat (13.8% margin) for Taj Burrow and Creed McTaggart. Arguably Australia’s heaviest rideable wave, The Right, stays true to its name and breaks in this electorate too.

Gnaraloo – Safe Liberal
Durack: This classic left leans to the right, breaking off the safe Liberal seat of Tiberal. Currently holding a margin of 15.2%, and is the biggest seat by land mass in the election.

And that was this week in surfing. Have an extremely attractive weekend everyone.

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