This Week In Surfing: The Best 10 Ever, A New Jon Frank Short Film, & A Ripping Bryce Young

31 Mar 2017 0

Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 31, 2017 

1. We Saw A Comp At North Point

“We’re going to see this wave forever… forever!”

The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro started this week and well, well, well, would ya believe it, they ran it at North Point for a day that was simultaneously terrible and amazing. It was slow. It was hard to read. But it was also pumping. What would be a good analogy to describe the first CT comp in history at North Point? How about: Watching the world's best surfers at North Point for a full day was like having a million dollars in your bank account, but not being able to find your debit card. When Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning, the two most experienced and winningest surfers on tour/history, paddled out for Heat 1 Round 1, with perhaps the most well travelled and experienced rookie ever in Leo Fioravanti, it was a really exciting prospect. But then all three of them missed the most unbelievable reeling throaty righthander to bomb through a line-up in the last 12 months, 24 months, million months of CT competition, because they were out of position. And it kind of summed up the day, with only seven of the 12 Round 1 heats were won with heat totals over 10 points, while Julian Wilson managed to take his victory with a two wave heat total of 4.90. 

Even so, it was fascinating viewing: Seeing a new wave, in high end competition terms, and with no crowd around. The post heat interviews were about the wave, the location, the vibe in the water, as much as they were about who was winning and losing, and that was cool. It felt more like real surfing, and had this surf fan longing back for the days of the old dream tour or even the recently deceased Rip Curl Search event. Sure, logistically it’s probably unfeasible for the modern WSL, but far out it’d be a fun time if we got to see surfers tackle one new wave every year, because it makes the event interesting even when the surfing itself actually isn’t. But that all became academic when the true highlight of the day finally came. On the very last scoring wave ridden in the very last heat of a very long day, we saw “the best 10 ever”, as Pete Mel Called it. It was Sebastien Ziets and the deepest barrel we’ve seen in competition in a long time.

And then the comp went back to main break where the Title contenders who'd had a bad Round 1, had a horror day of Round 2 knockout heats. “Upsets Claim Medina, Wilkinson and Fanning at Margaret River” reads the headline on the WSL right now. It’s not all bad news for Rip Curl's heavy hitters though, with trials winner, local grom Jacob Willcox being the one who took down Medina, while World No.1 Owen Wright and newest signing Conner Coffin both looking strong.

After Willcox’s huge scalp, he did a post-heat interview where he could hardly keep his eyes from wandering across the bay to The box, pumped for what might be when Round 3 rolls around. Unfased or unaware that his oppenent will be the best barrel rider in the world, John Florence. 

It’s hard to sum up the rest of the strong performers of the event, with half of them having won through to Round 3 in the anomaly that was Day 1 at North Point, which we won’t see again, and the other half coming through the big burgery playing field that were the rights of Main Break Margaret River… all so that they could face off at another completely different type of wave at The Box… but nonetheless, Filipe channelled Parko and challenged preconceived notions performing big open face carves in his smart Round 2 win, Parko too eased through his Round 2 heat, coming from behind against dangerous rookie Fioravanti. But who the hell knows how form will hold as they chop and change between the breaks over the event? It's going to be a hell of an interesting weekend.

On the women’s side of the event they have only run three heats so far, with Tyler Wright clocking up the highest heat total of a day at Main Break, and Conlogue and Malia Manuel winning their heats and skipping over to Round 3.

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2. Tyler Wright’s Australian Story - All For The Family

In case you missed it, Tyler Wright's World Title story was featured on the long running and brilliant ABC series, Australian Story, this week. For any Australian surf fan, it’s must watch television. As surf fans, we've watched Tyler since she won a CT event at 14 years of age and qualified for the tour at 16, and come through all the highs and lows to become the World Champ, and it's strange isn't it, how you can feel pride for someone who you don't really know, whose achievements you have nothing really to do with, but somehow, like any sports fan, you get wrapped up in their journey. And this journey is brilliantly and emotionally told right here. *sniff* I'm not crying, you're crying.

3. Gudauskas's Fever Island Is Fever Excellent

Bam! It’s excellent surf clip time with Mr. Patrick Gudauskas in this high disco number that has an intro straight out of the opening credits of Super Bad (Google it), brilliant editing, and of course, some sick surfing to boot. Bravo, Vacation Club (the people behind the clip), bravo! P.S. Hooooo-eeeeee, that tube he gets at the end!

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4. Podcast: How Many West Australians Are On The Men's Championship Tour?

For Episode 8 of The Dooley Surf Podcast, over nine quiz questions Mike (that's me) and Danny (the Weak Wrap guy) discuss who’s going to win Margarets, a secret Fantasy Surfing strategy, and how people won’t stop whinging about the WSL judging. The Dooley is a weekly surf quiz podcast that you can find every Tuesday morning right here on Coastalwatch's podcast section (featuring Lipped and Ain't That Swell) or by subsribing on iTunes.

5. Mason Ho On Gabriel Medina

What do you do when you have one of the most engaging and funniest talkers in the world on your surf team, and then need to put out some promo videos of the rest of your team… well, it’s obvious isn’t it? “I realised today in the shower, that he is the best surfer in the world…” says Mason Ho, for this clip on Gabriel Medina for Rip Curl's Really Really Really Good Surfers series. The best!

VIDEO: The North Point Freesurf Super Session

6. Bryce Young – The Zone

From Jack Coleman's film The Zone, comes this for the web section of everyone's favourite freakishly talented surfer shaper from Angourie who also happens to be the son of Nat Young (which Nat Young though?), Mr. Bryce Young. Is Bryce Young the most underrated surfer in the world? Or does that title go to his friend Ryan Burch?

7. The Hurley Team Ripping Snapper

Remember way back to a week ago when all the world’s best surfers, including Hurley’s team of Kolohe Andino, John John Florence, Filipe Toledo, Lakey Peterson, Ace Buchan, Julian Wilson, and Carissa Moore were on the Gold Coast and tearing apart Snapper like it was some sort of wave park? Me neither. Too long ago. Luckily we have champion fella and talented filmmaker Tyler Bell to document such things on his video trapping machine. Thanks Tyler! P.S. How cool is that weird kind of fade Julian does mid cut back at around the 3.24  mark to set up for the tube? Very cool… is the answer… to that question…

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8. Joe Turpel The Occ-Cast

WSL commentator Joe Turpel is the man, and obviously so is Occy, and this week the two came together on the Occ-Cast for a catch up that’s a real fun time as they reminisce about commentating together and Turpel proves he’s a little bit of a rain man when it comes to stats and facts with competition surfing.

9. Jon Frank's Iron Horse Is A Brillant Short Surf Movie

Dogs and horses and coffees and flower punk and fresh barbecued fish a stone’s throw from the water, and, of course surfing incredible slabs on a remote volcanic island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean… That’s Iron Horse by Rip Curl for their newest installment of their The Search, which stars Bruno Santos and Guillermo Satt, and was filmed and edited by the legendary Jon Frank. All of those things come together here to make an understated and brillant short surfing film. Good shit.

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10. Carissa Moore's New Hurley Ad

After Kolohe Andino’s last week, and Carissa Moore’s this week, these Hurley ads are killing the game when it comes to dramatic selling of their athletes. No music, just dialogue, sounds effects, and wildly high def slow motion. You do kind of get the feeling that the dialogue could be saying anything though, reciting Mary Had A Little Lamb, and it would still feel inspiring somehow. But that's good filmmaking for you, I suppose.

Bonus... Weak Wrap, Your Wrap of The Week

Apparently this week a work experience kid in the Surfing World office told Danny that he preferred Weak Wrap back when it wasn't a video and was just called This Week In Surfing. I love you, work experience kid. P.S. I know Danny, and that thing about his iPhone screen is actually true.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.Go Bede.

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