This Week In Surfing: Tyler's Back On Top, The Arrival of Yago Dora, & Mikey Wright On The Occ-Cast

18 May 2017 1

Mike Jennings

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Photo: WSL/smorigo

Photo: WSL/smorigo


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was May 19, 2017 

1. Tyler Is Back On (Equal) Top, Sally Lurks 

Back to back World Titles are a rare and very difficult feat to accomplish. Just go through the list of World Champs in the past decade, not since Steph finished her fourpeat in 2010, or Kelly went back to back in 2010/2011 have we had someone defend a title. But after Rio this week our World Champ Tyler Wright has secured her first win of the year, pushed herself back to equal World No.1 with Steph Gilmore, and perhaps set her on track to give that achievement a nudge. While Steph and Tyler are tied for World No.1, it’s worth pointing out that Sally Fitzgibbons is virtually in the same position, sitting at third, but only 1,500 points behind, marking the first time Australia has held the top three since… lord, who knows?

Another interesting sidenote is the continued disappointing form of three times World Champ, and the youngest World Champ in surfing history, Hawaiian Carissa Moore. Carissa had her worst result of the year thus far, a thirteenth, otherwise known as last, falling back even further from her unexpected yet consistent run of three-fifth place finishes through the Australian leg. Who saw that coming? Not me, I had her picked to win the World Title this year. Carissa being Carissa, however, means she’s every chance of going HAM over the remaining six events and doing just that. But she has certainly made it a much harder task for herself than it seemed at the start of the year.

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2. Adriano Wins, Yago Dora Arrives

On the men’s side of the Saquarema comp we saw Adriano De Souza take down Ace Buchan (onya Ace) to win the crowds of Brazil once again after stopping the giant killer of wildcard Yago Dora, who before meeting Adriano in the semis had beaten John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, and Mick Fanning, in that order. And that is really the big story of this event:

The arrival of Yago Dora.

There’s this quote that Lorne Michaels, the big bad boss of Saturday Night Live, is famous for saying about the alternative comedy scene. It goes something like: “I don’t know what you’re doing down there below 14th street, but it doesn’t matter.” And you could use that same analogy about the true arrival of Brazillian superstar to be, Yago Dora this week.

A lot of us have known how great Yago Dora is for some time. We saw him star in the Volcom flick Psychic Migrations and in clip after clip after clip online with his stylish, Filipe Toledo meets Craig Anderson approach to wave riding. Even the What Youth set adopted him into their inner surf star circle, he's the first Brazillian to get mainstream/alt freesurf cred (and not for charging heavy tubes). But, and this might be a tad cynical, for the greater surfing public that doesn’t really matter. It's too hard to quantify and too subjective and flimsy for the fairweather surf fan. However, to transition that pending freesurf stardom onto the world’s stage, where surfing is judged with heat scores, wins, and losses, and to consecutively beat three World Champions in a row, all in conditions the three greats were ripping in, is an arrival of the grandest sort. And gee it was sick to watch. A true highlight of an event that had few. But can we please give him the nickname "Miki" from here on?

Back on the rankings as we leave South America and look to Fiji, it's soooo interesting to note that, sure, while John John is World No.1, all three of Adriano De Souza, Jordy Smith, and Owen Wright sit a teeny weeny measly beasley 350 points behind him. This Title race is actually much closer than first thought. Again, we have Yago Dora to thank a little bit for that.

3. Pear Shaped by Lauren Hill

Did you know that the bikini was created and named in tribute to nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll? Maybe you did, I certainly didn’t. That’s just one thing to take away from this short film by surfer and Surfing World writer Lauren L Hill. What’s most jarring about this clip is not the content, with its honest perspective on and from female surfing, but the realisation on how rare we hear from female voices in surfing/surf media. We need to get better at that.

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4. Mikey Wright On The Occ Cast

“It’s such a wonderful life, such a wonderful life…” this week on the Occ-Cast is the new man of the moment, as Occy calls him, Mikey Wright. This is a neat interview with the raw surfing throwback, where he discusses his unique signing technique – using a stamp so he can actually stay face up and chat to the kids who idolise him. Pretty rad.

Did you know that if Owen Wright had finished just one heat further at Rio he would have been World No.1 coming into Fiji? Which would surely have been the first time ever a brother and sister have both been World No 1 at the same time! Can we please please please get Mikey through the QS to join the formidable surfing family Wright on the Championship Tour? What a joy it’d be.

5. French Tent

Oh, to be a professional surfer spending a summer surfing the beachbreaks of France. Barrels and croissants and tubes and baguettes and rip bowls and red wine. That’s this five minute daydream of a clip, The French Tent, by and starring a fella named Robert D’amico with a cameo by Leo Fioravanti. P.S. Put Deceptacon by Le Tigre on the soundtrack to anything and you can’t lose.

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6. The Dooley Episode 15

Did Kelly Slater make a clothing brand for the specific purpose of one day claiming wildcard entry to comps at Cloudbreak? This question and so much less as I quiz Danny on the past week in surfboarding and also cough a lot, because I was sick and tired but mosty sick, at the time of recording of this episode.

7. Jay Davies Trailer For A Short

How do you feel about trailers for a short clip? Do short surf clips need trailers, them being about the lengths of trailers in the first place? Do you think we’ll ever have trailers for trailers? Then teasers for the trailers of the trailers? Sometimes the trailers are better than the movie itself. Like Ali starring Will Smith. That trailer was incredible. The film? A total heapa. Anyway, here is a trailer for a new Jay Davies short film called Native. If the trailer is anything to go by, and if past Jay Davies RVCA clips are anything to go by too, it’s gonna be sick.

VIDEO: Benji Weatherley Has Never Looked So Amped

8. Taylor Steele On Lipped

I actually haven’t listened to this episode of Lipped. If I wanted to listen to someone awkwardly fan out over a professional surfer or filmmaker, I’ve got so many hours upon hours of myself doing that on my hard drive I can torture myself with any time, and oh man, it's cringey stuff. One time the Surfing World editor Vaughan Blakey asked me to load my iTunes onto his iPod shuffle, so I did, unbeknownst to me I was unloading my entire backlog of awkward interviews alongside my music library. Getting a lift from the guy, only to hear my own voice breaking, asking unedited questions that go for far too long to various legends of surfing as we drove down Pittwater Road is to this day the worst car ride I've ever had. Anyway, I like the Lipped fellas and they sent this to me and asked me to include it in This Week In Surfing. So here it is.

9. Atlantic Moods

Sick of drone surf footage yet? Is it on its way out, or is it here to stay? Regardless, here is a highlights clip from the past few months through Europe, from Hossegor to Nazare. A few too many spinny shots of trees, but the aerial footage of the mountains that are gigantic Nazare are more than worth it. Some incredible perspective of one of surfing’s most intriguing landscapes.

VIDEO: Desert Point Is Just How You Love It Right Now

10. Torren Martyn Twin Fin Tuberiding

Pulled from Torren's Lost Track roadtrip around Australia last year is this sweet four and a half minutes of channel bottom twin fin tube loving at a remote desert reef with a coupla mates. That's living.

Bonus... The Mate Ship!

Our old pal Danny from Weak Wrap has again left us wanting for another week, dammit. However, he did put together this promo clip for Coastalwatch Plus’s latest membership competition, and gee it’s bloody good. He’s a talented cookie that Danny. Also, Hoyo! Also, how good is the prize?! Also again, Hoyo! The only way to get on that boat is to ENTER HERE.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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