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Story from Surfing World Magazine Issue 368

Questions by SW Editor, Vaughan Blakey

1. What five words do you think best describe you?

Bunchy: Fun. Crazy. Psyched. Stoked. Hungry. I love food.
Kobi: Fun. Active. Humble. Cool. Surfer.
Kyuss: Fun. Long. Hair. Fluro. Green.
Rasmuscle: Awesome. Frothing. Icy. Jiu jitsu. Rasmuscle.
Jackson: Nice. Friendly. Fun. Respectful. Entertaining.
Harley: Fun. Adventurous. Chilled. Happy. Relaxed.
Harry: Funny. Cruisy. Happy. English. Stoked.
Keanu: Relaxed. Determined. Respectful. Quiet. Loyal.
Quinn: Friendly. Shy. Up going. Casual. Honest.
Bemmy: Joker. Prankster. Friend. Raconteur. Shiny.

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2. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Kobi: Going surfing with my Dad every day.
Kyuss: Getting backstage passes to watch Kyuss live. I’d never seen who I was named after and at first I wasn’t allowed in but when Kyuss heard I was there they said they wouldn’t play until I was let in. Dad must have been pretty loose back in the day to name me after those guys ’cause they went completely crazy!
Rasmuscle: I was surfing Lowers and it was really packed and this eight foot set came and Jordy Smith and Kolohe Andino blocked everyone in the line-up and called me into it. It was the set everyone wanted but they blocked it for me. It was awesome.
Harley: Dad putting me on a foamie for the very first time at Evan’s Head. That was the day I first felt the buzz and everything went from there.
Harry: Dad teaching me how to surf. I fell in love with it straight away. I learnt that no matter how old you are it’s the same feeling that keeps people surfing.
Keanu: My dad took me to Lakey Peak which was epic. I definitely learned about airports, different cultures and dodgy baggage handlers.
QB: Winning the Snapper Open club championship against all of the people I look up too taught me that anything’s possible and that if you’re having fun and believe in yourself, you can do it.
Bemmy: Having a kid for sure. Before Banjo came along I didn’t know what true love was. Having a good moisturizer rubbed into your freshly shaved dome is a close second.

3. What’s bums you out more than anything?

Bunchy: I don’t like doing the dishes at all.
Kobi: Doing decimal maths tests. I don’t mind multiplication but decimal points suck.
Kyuss: School when there’s really epic barrels. That sux.
Harley: Putting on a wet wetsuit.
Harry: Breaking boards in terrible waves.
Quinn: Bluebottles, sea lice, negative people and when the government men make the wrong decisions towards helping the environment.
Bemmy: Seeing Dayaan Neve, Kai Otton or any of my mates get barreled in front of me.

4. Of all the things you learned in school, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult?

Bunchy: I like English studies because they help me write letters and stuff. I think that will be helpful when I’m older and trying to communicate and stuff.
Kobi: I think maths is helpful. It’s good to know how much change you need when you buy something.
Kyuss: I’d say geography cause then I’ll know where all the best surfspots are.
Rasmuscle: Plus and minus helps me to understand scores, like what I need to get through a heat or when I get an interference.
Harley: Learning the perimeter of something cause it helps you lay carpet.
Harry: Algebra. I mean I'm 19 years old and I'm using it everyday even when I check the waves there still some X=Y stuff going through my head.
Keanu: I really enjoy cooking. Seriously, I think this is a life skill.
Bemmy: Always wash your hands after using the potty. That served me well from preschool onwards.

5. If you could travel back in time three years and visit your younger self, what advice would you give yourself?

Bunchy: Try and charge a bit harder in bigger waves and surf a bit harder too.
Kobi: I’d say try and make more barrels and use your rail when you’re hacking the bowl.
Kyuss: Don’t hit the snooze button on the alarm.
Rasmuscle: Hang up your wetty so you don’t cry when you have to put on a wet one in the morning.
Jackson: Try harder and don’t take things for granted.
Keanu: Always surround yourself with solid family and friends. Go hard, never pull back and enjoy what you do.
Quinn: Try harder in school because it will help in the long run because being at school with three weeks left and not knowing what to do matters.
Bemmy: Here are the lotto numbers for tomorrow night’s draw.

6. What are you most grateful for?

Bunchy: I’m so grateful to my family and all the people on Maui who support my surfing.
Kobi: Getting new watches. Nixon is my watch sponsor and they just gave me the John John watch.
Kyuss: Living in Byron Bay. It’s got the best people, so many perfect waves and it’s the best place to call home.
Rasmuscle: Mum and Dad.
Jackson: Having a great family who support me all the time no matter what.
Harley: Mum and Dad giving me the opportunity to make surfing a priority and being a little more lenient about school.
Harry: Definitely the support I get from my family, there is no way I would ever be where I am today without them.
Keanu: My sponsors are a massive help to my development as a surfer.
Quinn: Good mates, caring parents, being able to drink clean water and eat well.
Bemmy: That I didn’t go bald until after high school.

7. What do you think your life will be like in the future?

Bunchy: I want to make the Tour and be World Champion.
Kobi: I want to be a professional surfer and win the World Title.
Kyuss: Surfing, having fun, competing and… I wanna win the World Title.
Rasmucle: Surfing, doing Mu Thai, win a couple of World Titles.
Harley: Hopefully on tour, having fun with my friends. It kinda freaks me out that Felipe was on tour at my age though but he is a freak.
Keanu: I’ll be pimping my way around the planet in fast cars, five star hotels and surfing exotic surf locations with pumping barrels.
Bemmy: Living at Warringah Mall bus stop using a Manly Daily for a blanket and an empty can of Fanta for a pillow.

8. How would you change the world if you could?

Bunchy: No school and no homework. Learning is cool and everything but definitely no to homework.
Kobi: Instead of cars everyone would ride skateboards.
Kyuss: I’d ditch all pollution.
Rasmuscle: No wars. Everyone should get along. Peace.
Jackson: I would change all parliament. They annoy me.
Harley: I’d put a wave pool in at Curl Curl so I didn’t have to surf waves with backwash at home.
Harry: Flights would be free and there would always be swell and you could only surf with a handful of friends at every spot.
Keanu: I would love to see the super rich donate portions of their wealth to the millions of humans who are staving, thirsty and not a roof over their heads.
Quinn: I’d put a stop to all the mining and drilling into the ground, surely there's enough science now to run the Earth without wrecking it? Sooner or later it's just gonna blow up and it'll be because of greedy big companies destroying our world.
Bemmy: Monkeys should be allowed to wear people clothes.

9. If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make? Why?

Bunchy: No littering. All the rubbish on the beach in Indonesia was tripping me out. It was so disgusting.
Kobi: For everyone to have respect for everything.
Kyuss: No surfing a high-quality break without at least three years experience.
Rasmuscle: Bring back old chevies. Everyone would be driving around in old chevies.
Jackson: Travel is free because it is so bloody expensive and everyone deserves a holiday.
Harley: Reverse working weeks and weekends so that school was only two days a week and weekends went for five days. I’ve dreamed about that forever.
Harry: No dropping in at all. The amount of injuries I’ve sustained from drop ins is crazy.
Keanu: A country’s wealth should be more evenly distributed. Also I get the choice of every set wave.
QB: Everyone has to treat each other as equal because there's too much hatred and wars going on over religions and stuff that doesn't matter.
Bemmy: Everyone would have to shave their heads so that there’d be no discrimination against the bald. I’m talking women, children and babies born with good rugs.

10. If you were an animal what would you be?

Bunchy: I would be a shark. For sure. Nothing can eat you when you’re a shark.
Kobi: An octopus because they’re intelligent.
Kyuss: I’d be a Liger. It’s pretty much my favourite animal. It’s like a lion and tiger mixed. Bred for its skills and magic.
Rasmuscle: Lion. King of the jungle.
Jackson: Probably a monkey. They always look like they are fun and that’s what I love to do.
Harley: I’d be a shark because nobody eats a shark. That or a bird.
Harry: A seagull from Newquay.
Keanu: Oddly enough a great white shark. I don’t live in Lennox but I froth on them they are amazing creatures who roam our oceans.
Quinn: Just did a quiz on what my spirit animal is and a hawk best suits me apparently.
Bemmy: Well a very close friend of mine is a zoologist and he’s always said I reminded him of either a naked mole rat, a blob fish or a dumbo octopus, possibly even a mix of all three. I’ve never been game enough to look up what any of them actually look like though.

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