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Written by Money Pussy 


Dear Mum,

If you see Stacy, Roy, Jipsy-cat, Izzy (the Push), Joe Dobbs or T.M. tell them they all stuffed their lives not coming up here this weekend… SW camp is great. So great. Maybe the best thing ever. The best thing ever. Real folks up here, no seals, perfect tacos. The waves are a-mazing, clean glass kids of the new issue warping in all over back beach like sage junkies. Yesterday I saw the Dave R. Rasta-la-vista Rastafish coming off the bottoms of Mt. Olsmley in Oxham (ocean form) taking Tijuana (if you know what I mean) way across the bay in front of EVERYONE like whu pha whupha whu phah. D still has it. Not tennis. Not to mention the other 300 mermaids in the line-up (everyone’s so graceful, I feel like a wobbegong hanging with tiger sharks), but everyone’s getting it, everyone’s got it, it’s the surfing anecdote versus Poppy Hill.

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All the shapers are around. Misfit Moody’s, Christenson’s Pump House Gang, the Vampirate Vampirates, Big Simon and the CI warriors, Gee McNeill, Nick Sculpt, Garage hand shreds, Joel Fitz is somewhere too but nobody’s seen him, nobody ever actually sees him. Future Fins. Into the future. Everyone’s riding everything. Surf tribe segregation has her walls down and it’s beautiful. The Northern Beaches Panthers are actually like getting around talking to people…

Pantherrrrr… Grrrrrrrrr….

And there’s just so many girls around… not just wallowing in the shallows either, not that there’s anything wrong with tanning (there’s nothing wrong with tanning), they’re literally just everywhere in the surf taking bombs bringing style back, to and fro-ing like sea gypsies, starfish on toast. It’s maybe two or three foot, nice and offshore, more peaks than felt hats. Floral brollies kind of thing but families and beer gangs and celebrity chefs just chewing the cud all together, all day, all time. Vibe summary: Groovy kick.

PT’s here. Tell Dad. He did a talk first night it was neat, everyone was sunburnt lying around on bohemian rugs under this great tipi listening to his 70s drawl gab honking on about the coolest shit; Rabbit and MP back to back to back to Taj to Jan Michael Vincent getting him beeped on the new Hollywood set of Big Wednesday in his star trailer (year off, 1976). AND HE STILL WEARS PINK! You-have-got-to-tell-Dad. Like pink watch, pink trainers, pink Le Specs, pink tie-dye, pink Sanuk tote bag, pink eyeliner, matching pink marshmallow campfire sweat bands, pink everything, pink is the new black btw. Tell Dad.

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Mylee and Ozzy played after it in Cabin 8, I love those guys. They look like when the little mermaid first gets her human legs and the prince is so into that and they just dance around like they’ve never danced before because she’s never danced before because she never had human legs before and life doesn’t get any better than this moment right here because we’ve found each other and the rest of the world just seems to slip away into a G. Wayne song. It was a secret show (wasn’t on the itinerary) just acoustic mandolin and French horn, Rocky on synth, simple folk rock stuff I loved it. Sal who runs the camp was up on the coffee table, no lanyard, hands above her head just yelling yes over and over and over and Vaughan Deadly had to carry her back to the office in a KeepCup.

I was walking back to my tent after sand meditation, think it was that day, could’ve been Thursday. I was feeling so... alive... that Mark Blondel fella leads them (the sits). He had everyone parallel just hovering in the moment like crystal orchards, hanging rock schoolgirls, smile paper-mache across all these faces in the twilight. Really getting the whole here and now thing. And I was thinking to myself how people don’t seem to spend enough time worrying about how much time they spend worrying about things like time... Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out… relax… fall in love.

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Seven a.m. Saturday, April 2 had some good news and some bad news. The good news was Bodhi from Flowstate led this really smooth class vinyasa predajna and all the yogis rode their magic carpets (Sanuk gave everybody free magic carpets #sanuk) (yoga mats) around the sun inside their own bodies. Salute. Namaste. It was an amazing class, he really nailed it, I love the look of all the troops in warrior 1. Like we’re really building an army. Peace warriors of the new paradigm. Vinyasa…

…the bad news was they ran out of fish tacos at the kiosk after I got stuck jabbing single fins into this lightning Misfit thing some guy had and I lost my shoes up in the dunes playing tiggy with the brollie girls… The waves were still nice, maybe a bit smaller but C.A. took a bunch of us in this convertible Jimny sand runner roaring WAY down the beach to this empty drain pipe and I just sat on the sand smoking, thinking to myself, “If I could surf like that I’d probably be better at having sex.”

Sunrise over sleds, Photo by Robbie Warden

Sunrise over sleds, Photo by Robbie Warden


Eight p.m. Saturday, April 2.

Winston Surfshirt sound like elevator music in the airport of San Francisco. I love that airport. It’s so trendy. If art underground and the new chic had a daughter and she was an airport she’d be the airport in San Francisco. But I liked it a lot.

I meet chic people in chic places. ©

I’ve never seen so much dancing sunburnt skin rubbing off on each other like it really was camp positive this time. Strath told everyone he pashed a dreamgirl from Thrills Co. in the portaloos but I saw them walking off to the dunes together and it looked more like D’n’M business than the monkey show, but you never can really tell with him. Babe Rainbow look like a Swiss soccer team but that bearded guy WAILS. They say his guitar is the devil’s guitar, but I dunno? He seems more like a make your garden rich soul sapote than a Sabbath satan. The world has magic direction. Afterwards, these bronze yahoos started spinning classics; Springfield, Cody Jazz, Xavier Cugat (cha-cha-twist-hully-gully), everybody lost it.

Anyway, it’s the last day today. Cleaned the beach with the Living Ocean guys this morning. They were super lovely people, no shit, no plastic, they gave me a KeepCup for my cappucinos ’cause they liked my Sea Shepherd midriff. Lovely people.

It goes: NOOOOO… PLASTIC… PLEASE… PEACE… And into the future…

Rasta’s bus is leaving soon. All the other day glows are on, already painting the inside of the roof and each other’s faces and there’s a rumour we’re all stopping at Crescent on the way home to see Albe ’cause he’s got some new fluoro-hide carbon fibre surfboard thing he wanted us to watch him flying in case something goes wrong and he ends up in 1911 again.

You guys HAVE to come next year, we heard Lopez’s new band is gonna play!

Be home soon. Love, your son
Pie in the Sky.

Rohan Anderson's cooking session over the flickering coals of the tipi bonfire,

Rohan Anderson's cooking session over the flickering coals of the tipi bonfire,


A recipe to scoff on your next camping trip

Surfing World was stoked that the good folks at Poler brought Rohan Anderson – the brains and belly behind Whole Larder Love – along to the SW Camp. Rohan doesn’t dig on processed food one bit and believes the key to healthy living is how and where you source your core ingredients. Further to that, just because you’re away from the home kitchen doesn’t mean you have to eat fish and chips, pizza and kebabs. Cooking over the flickering coals of a campfire or even a gas stove in an adventure mobile is an experience in itself. Rohan put on a demonstration of how to cook the following recipe in the cauldron that is the Poler Cast Iron Cook Pot. Licking of lips, devouring of nosh, patting of bellies could be seen all over the camp soon thereafter.

Rohan Anderson’s Easy Veg Camp Pot (with sneaky chorizo)

2 zucchini (chopped)
2 onion (chopped)
2 eggplant (chopped)
4 cloves garlic (chopped)
1-2 sticks chorizo (chopped and optional)
handful fresh parsley (chopped)
1 litre passata
1 tbsp smoked pimenton
1/2 tbsp cumin powder
1 tsp hot chilli powder (or 1 fresh jalapeño chopped)
Glass Red wine
1 cup water
Olive oil

Heat a generous glug of olive oil in a cast iron pot
Fry the chopped onion, eggplant and zucchini and brown for about ten minutes. Stir regularly.
Add the optional fresh chorizo and brown for a few minutes.
Pour over the red wine and cook out for a minute or two.
Add garlic, spices then pour in the passata, and add water.
Bring to the simmer
Add 2/3 of the parsley (reserve the rest for serving) Gently simmer for 30-40 minutes with the lid on.
The sauce should have reduced significantly and the vegetables soft.
Add the remaining parsley for freshness, season with salt and pepper. Enjoy.

Surfed out: twilight campfire stories, Photo by Hunter Manuel

Surfed out: twilight campfire stories, Photo by Hunter Manuel

Squad on point, Photo by Sarah Christiansen

Squad on point, Photo by Sarah Christiansen

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